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Richmond Hill PPC Candidate, Software Developer


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I was born and grew up in Russia. In 2013, I came to Canada with the goal of studying information technology, successfully entering the competitive Computer Science program at University of Waterloo in 2014. Throughout my studies, I held internship positions at TD Bank, BlueCat Networks, and Woodbine Entertainment, gaining a solid technical background through professional, academic, and personal software development projects. Altough I successfully graduated University of Waterloo in 2021, my learning journey is far from over, as I continue seeking personal growth by honing my professional skills and engaging in creative pursuits, through which I describe my experience of this world.

As a Canadian, I am concerned with the direction my country is taking. Our society is facing an unprecedented manipulation of public discourse by politicians and persons of dubious motivations. The use of junk science, activism-driven journalism, and falsified evidence has poisoned our decision-making process, and the apathy of general Canadian population has resulted in low accountability of our government. Meanwhile, the lack of core Canadian identity is causing our community to steadily fracture along superficial tribal lines, while the postmodern teachings and Critical Theory are causing a severe existential crisis in the society, where people are no longer defined by what they do or what they create, but rather by their victimhood and what they consume.

These circumstances have prompted me to seek public office as a Member of Parliament in the 2019 and 2021 Canadian federal elections, representing People's Party of Canada in the riding of Richmond Hill, Ontario. As a candidate, I have spoken out against the climate change alarmism, vaccine passports, encroachment of far left Woke ideology on Canadian way of life, and the continuous decline of civil liberties and economic prosperity resulting from these trends.

I am proud of my political involvement and I continue seeking to make a positive difference to the best of my ability.

Skills and Work


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My bread and butter. I have experience with a variety of programming languages, tools, and frameworks. From the mainstream Java, C++, JSON, Bash, Git, HTML/CSS (duh!), Python, and SQL, to the now-obscure VBA, Pick-based UniVerse database system, and BASIC. As a goal-driven self-starter, I am also able to quickly pick up any new programming language or system that is relevant to accomplishing the task at hand.

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Digital Music Production

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Using StudioOne DAW and a variety of samples and synths, I like creating music that is imaginative and melodic, with a little bit of experimentation thrown in for excitement!

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I enjoy capturing photographs of nature and architecture throughout my travels. By applying only minimal editing to my shots, I intend to convey the true, raw beauty of the world to the viewer. My collection is available for viewing and purchase on EyeEm, and numerous of my photos are featured on stock photo websites such as GettyImages.

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Graphic Design & Digital Painting

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While I have a long way to go in this area, digital painting is something that greatly interests me. I am primarily using a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter to make digital art.

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